we are f1it&t Solutions.

Just as the F1 function key on a computer executes a help feature for many computer programs & applications, our philosophy is to take up a similar role for IT and Telecom Solutions.

F1 IT&T focuses on serving small-to-medium-sized businesses by providing them with efficient and innovative IT solutions. We help companies execute the ICT processes they need to enhance business management, profitability, controls, and monitoring on daily basis.

The fortunate reason of F1 IT&T’s existence with success is our brilliant combination of multitalented peoples, highly skilled resources in the areas we declare as the expertise & strength of our organization. Our team members have experience of working on MSPs levels. We believe we have the strength and expertise to deliver even the most complex service for our customer.

Because we know the technology in depth having diversified experience of decades with confidence, we undertake the core areas below which covers huge portfolio to service information & communication technologies. Though we have specific specializations as our strength but a vendor neutral approach is always our preference and wisdom to support the businesses.

  • ICT Infrastructure

  • Optical Fiber

  • Integration

  • Ethernet

  • WiFi / WLAN

  • Communication

  • Security

  • Datacenters